SFe Graffiti

Part of the “over educated” aspect of my life includes some graphic design experience. So does that make me a better judge of graffiti? You’ll have to form your opinion about that.

The Santa Fe
Graffiti Zone
and the manager
of the whole thing

I am a photographer and designer who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I am one of those geeks who is probably way over-educated, but I never let that get in the way of good old-fashioned common sense.

On the other hand, I’m enough of a rebel to find some graffiti to be quite intriguing and worthy of sharing with the world. And that is the sole purpose of this site. More than anything I want to keep all political crap out of here. I may post graffiti which has a political point of view. But I’ll only show it because it’s clever, or smart, or has artistic merit. I do reserve the right to insult everyone with my choice(s)

Nevertheless, I hope you do enjoy your stay here. Tag, you’re it.